Baby With Rash: What We Are Dealing With?

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Baby with rash can be sign of many different possibilities. However, rashes on infants are commonly found and most of them are no big deal. The rash often resolves within weeks and need no special treatment, though it needs treatment the treatment is a simple one. When your baby develops rash but the rash gives no problem to your baby then you should not be worry too much and the other way around. Knowing what you are dealing with, however, is helpful enough at least to know when to worry.Baby With Rash Caused By Dry Skin

There are examples of rash that you should not worry with its probability. The first possible thing if you find a baby with rash along with itching and chapping, the probability is your baby has a dry skin and it is no big deal. The rash found on your baby that has just started solid food may appear right after baby eating new food. You may also find that baby face is swollen and in severe cases baby has breathing difficulties. This rash occurs as your baby has food allergy, you may need to postpone giving such food until baby reaches one year of age. The rash that is red and round in shape with a skin-colored center, scaly, itchy and especially found on scalp may due to ringworm.Baby With Rash Caused By Ringworm

When a baby with rash has other symptoms such as fever, mouth ulcers, red bumps turn to blister and then crust over and new bumps reappear, your baby is probably has chicken pox. The rash due to chicken pox is initially found on back and head. The other rash that you might need to concern is rash along with fever, red spots, watery blisters, and ulcers that found on baby mouth, hands, and soles of baby feet. This kind of rash is probably due to hand, foot and mouth disease, which is a kind of Coxsackie virus.Baby With Rash Caused By Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

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