Baby Has Yeast Baby Rash, Is It Possible?

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When a baby has a diaper rash that won’t go away can we conclude it as yeast baby rash? Is it possible for a baby to have yeast rash? How can we are sure that a baby has a yeast infection? Those questions are normally questioned when the diaper rash do not go away even though any best effort has done. When somebody asked is it possible for a baby to have a yeast infection or yeast rash, the answer is yes it is possible.

Yeast Baby Rash Look Like On Buttock

A diaper rash will easily go away with or without special treatment in few days. A persistent diaper rash that occurs after you have done any effort of always keeping the baby bottom clean and dry or even using diaper cream, you might need to concern that it is a yeast baby rash. In everyone body, there are numbers of harmless yeast and it grows in warm and wet areas like vagina, skin, bowels and mouth. Even though you have a baby boy, your baby might get a yeast infection since wet and dirty diaper is the best place to live for fungus and it might worse if the baby has an untreated diaper rash before.Yeast Baby Rash Look Like On Mouth

A baby also prone to have yeast baby rash if the baby consume antibiotics or the breastfeed baby get it from a mother who takes antibiotics. Why those who take antibiotics are susceptible to yeast infection? It is because the antibiotics they are taking will kill both good and bad bacteria in the body, the good bacteria that keep the production of yeast also killed. When no bacteria that keeps the yeast in check, there will be a large amount of growing yeast out of control. Another possibility is, your baby has thrush recently. Since there is yeast infection on the mouth, the yeast will pass to the digestive system and end up in stool. When your baby has this stool in her/his diaper, the yeast will grow and land on the warm and wet skin and that is how the yeast infection occurs.

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