Best Thing For Baby Diaper Rash: Petroleum Jelly Versus Diaper Cream

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What is the best thing for baby diaper rash? Is it petroleum jelly or diaper cream? When you find your baby has diaper rash, you might wonder what the options to treat the rash are. For a very long time people have used petroleum jelly to treat rash occurs on diaper area or diaper rash. They use petroleum jelly as a barrier to protect baby’s sensitive and delicate skin from wetness.Best Thing For BAby Diaper Rash, Petroleum JElly vs Diaper Cream

In nowadays, you might have dozens of selection treatments for diaper rash. From diaper cream, ointments, powder all are options to protect baby from diaper rash. The products also promise to moisturize and medicate baby skin. So which one is the best thing for baby diaper rash? petroleum jelly or diaper cream?

Best Thing For Baby Diaper Rash, Petroleum Jelly

If you opt for petroleum jelly, it might due to its cheaper price and it has neither dyes nor perfumes that can make irritation to baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Petroleum jelly will act as a shield that protects your baby’s skin from moisture. The down side is the thickness of petroleum jelly because it may rub off on diaper. Petroleum jelly is not only shielding baby skin but also coating diaper and preventing the diaper to absorb wetness efficiently. In addition when you cloth diaper your baby, petroleum jelly may not completely washed out.Best Thing For Diaper Rash, One Of Diaper Cream

What about diaper cream, is it the best thing for baby diaper rash? The main ingredients of diaper cream is zinc oxide, the substance will coat baby’s skin and act as a barrier that will protect skin from wetness. The diaper cream compared to petroleum jelly is less thick and it may unlikely to rub off on diapers, cloth diapers or clothing. Diaper creams huge selections are available out there, range from any price and effectiveness. Baby diaper creams selections are varied from scents and formula, unscented and hypoallergenic ones.

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