Breastfeed Baby Rash On Body

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Baby rash on body that occur when you breastfeed your baby may not related to feeding method. The rash on baby body is quite common found on breastfeed baby or baby who takes formula. Almost rashes found in babies are quite benign and sometimes will resolve on their own within weeks. When the rashes need treatment, the treatment is quite simple too.

Here are some possibilities of baby rash on body that a breastfeed baby might have:Breastfeed Baby Rash On Body

The first cause of baby rash is heat rash. The rash is commonly found on neck, chest and baby’s back. The rash appears pinkish to red rash, prickly, itchy and cause discomfort to baby. Baby’s immature immune system may cause sweat glands not efficient enough to regulate body’s temperature and cause the rash occurs. Help baby to heal the rash by cooling off the room, dressing baby in loose cotton clothing, or staying in the shade. To comfort baby from the itchiness and discomfort you can apply calamine lotion and prickly heat powderBreastfeed Baby Rash On Body Due to Heat Rash

The second cause of baby rash on body is fever. When your baby has high fever reach 103 Fahrenheit, your baby may develop rash all over her body or develop splotchy skin. However when the fever resolves, the rash may disappear too. Call pediatrician if the rash lingers.

Baby Rash On Body May Caused By Viral Illness

Viral illness may cause rash that found on baby’s body too. Viral illness such as roseola is very common infecting baby between six months old to two years old. The illness is started with upper respiratory illness that is mild and then followed by a high fever. Just after the fever starts or one week after the fever breaks, rashes will appear and spread throughout the body. This illness is caused by herpesvirus types 6 or 7 and mostly not serious problem. The illness will resolve on its own in a few days. To comfort your baby from high fever you can give ibuprofen to your baby.

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