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Parents are always concern what causes baby diaper rash and why the diaper rash occurs although they have performed diaper rash treatment. Diaper rash can be categorized into several causes, such as contact dermatitis or irritant, skin infections, allergic reactions, other causes.

The most common cause of baby diaper rash is due to irritant or contact dermatitis. The rash caused by contact dermatitis is range from mild redness that resembles to sunburn to skin outer layer erosion.  Contact diaper dermatitis is occasionally spotted on diaper area where there is high chance of urine or stool exposure, however it rarely involves fold of skin areas.What Causes Baby Diaper Rash, Allergic REaction

The other factors of what causes baby diaper rash is skin infection. The cause can be due to bacterial infection or fungal infection that occasionally is a consequence of any skin integrity disturbance and the uncontrollable skin natural defense mechanism. Bacterial infection that commonly cause the diaper rash is Staph and Strep bacteria or more popular as Impetigo. The rash due to impetigo is often characterized as small blister 1-2 mm in size and pustules that easily crack and cause skin irritation. The other cause is fungal or yeast infection caused by Candida. The rash is occasionally described as patches of bright red skin with satellite lesions 2-4 mm in size at the edge of irritated skin. Yeast infection is often found on in the folds of skin creases and around the anal region.What Causes Baby Diaper Rash, Bacterial And Fungal Infection

Although it is rarely found but allergic reactions might be one of the factors what causes baby diaper rash. The example of common allergen causes diaper rash such as fragrance, certain substance on the ingredients of diaper and wipes, and harsh chemicals used on detergent to wash cloth diaper. The rash occurs on the diaper area is often has a clear border zones, reddish, blisters and erosions. If you suspect diaper rash on your baby due to allergic reaction you need to take baby for further test and examination.What Causes Baby Diaper Rash, Staph Diaper RAsh

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