The Causes Of Baby Rash Under Eyes

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Baby rash under eyes and baby’s face is very common. The causes of the rash are different, but through the location of the rash, the associated symptoms like fever or respiratory infection, physical appearance of the rash will help you determine what kind of rash it is.
Here are some possible causes of baby rash under eyes that might help you in diagnosis.

Baby Rash Under Rash due To Severe Cellulitis

  1. The first possibility rash under the eyes is might due to infections. Infection like cellulitis is common cause of rash on the face and around eyes. It is a skin infection caused by several types of bacteria and commonly found on face. The rash is identified as flat, bright, and it is tender whenyou touch it. The specific cellulitis spotted around the eyes is known as periorbital cellulitis. You need to be cautious if the infection spreads behind the eyes and develops an abscess. The condition is called orbital cellulitis and potentially dangerous. Another type of infections found on face is impetigo; it is identified as honey or yellow colored crusty rash that spotted around lips, eyes, or nose.Baby RAsh Under Eyes Due To Allergic reaction
  2. The second possibility of baby rash under eyes and face is due to allergies. It is common for children to have rashes due to allergies as reaction to foods, medication or chemicals product. The rash due to allergies is identified as red raised, itchy and splotchy eruption. Urticaria is also has similar identification such as raised, itchy rash and found on the face. Both the causes of the rash make baby discomfort.Baby RAsh Under Eyes Due To Malar Rash
  3. The rash found on the eyes is probably due to systemic conditions. There are a lot of conditions that strikes the whole body, a rash found on face and around eyes is one of the manifestations. One of the examples is baby with systemic, autoimmune condition. The baby with such condition will have a malar rash, red pale rash around eyes and also shown crossing above the bridge of the nose.

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