What Are The Causes Of Baby Rash?

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What are the causes of baby rash? The answer is many things can cause the rash to occur. Rash may occurs during the first year of life and it is common for baby to have rash during that period. Parents may expect to see one or two rashes occur on their baby during that period. There are abundant reasons why a rash occurs.

Cradle Cap Is One of The Causes Of Baby Rash

One of the causes of baby rash that commonly found on babies is cradle cap. Cradle cap strikes the scalp of baby’s head and makes the scalp red, scaly, and greasy. There is a thick crust on the affected scalp and itch sensation may occur too. The exact cause why this cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis occurs is still unknown. The condition may occur when mother passes hormones to her child before the child is born.

Milia on baby's forehead

Milia is the next rash that commonly found on babies. This milia is shown with small white bumps that occurs on baby’s face especially nose, chin and cheeks. When you spot the rash on your baby’s face, you might not get alarmed as many babies are born with this condition. Milia is harmless and no need special medication treatment but you should not pop or pick the bumps. It will go away on its own within weeks.

The Most Common Caueses Of Baby Rash Is Diaper Rash

What are the causes of baby rash that almost baby will or has experienced it is diaper rash. Diaper rash is usually identified as red bumps or patches on diaper area such as baby bottom, genital area and the folds of baby’s thighs. Diaper rash may occur as baby left with wet and dirty diaper for too long. Another reason, there is too much moisture in the diaper. Mild diaper rash might go away on its own without any special medication treatment but you may help the rash go faster by airing out the bottom or leave the baby without diaper for at least ten minutes after diaper changing. Put a little over diaper creams may help to make the rash away too.

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