What Are The Causes Of Rash On Baby Cheeks

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Rash on baby cheeks as any other rashes found on baby’s body is a commonly found on baby. Baby may develop one or two rashes during the first year of baby’s life and parents might expect to see it too. Most of baby rashes are benign and eventually resolve on their own within weeks or days. Some of the rashes may not need any treatment and some others are easy to be treated. Occasionally the treatment of baby rashes is straightforward too. What causes the rash found on baby’s cheeks may be varied and here are some of the possibilities.

Rash On BAby Cheeks Due To Allergic Reaction To Milk

Baby has not yet fully developed the immune system that is why the causes of rash on baby cheeks may due to various things. It is including a variety of diseases, infection, allergic reactions, disorders and conditions, inflammation, and autoimmune processes. However when you found a baby with a sudden or acute rash on the cheek, you need to be cautious as it may be due to an allergic reaction or sensitivity to specific things. The example of the allergen is such as food, baby facial moisturizer, or medication.

Baby Rash On Cheeks Due To Baby Acne

When you found the rash on baby cheeks lasts for a long time or chronic, the rash may be caused by neonatal acne or an inflammatory disorder, such as rosacea. Neonatal acne is common rash that looks like teen or adult acne. While, rosacea that the cause of the occurrence is still unidentified, appears as redness and flushing on the facial area particularly on the cheeks with raised bumps that may look like acne.

Bab Rash On Cheeks May Caused By Virus

Baby cheek rash may occur because of trapped dead skin cells that commonly known as milia or baby acne. The other possible causes are erythema toxicum and heat rash. Baby cheek rash is also a sign of several conditions such as eczema, bacterial infection, allergies and viral infections like parvovirus B19 or measles.

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