How To Choose Best Cream For Baby Rash

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What is the best cream for baby rash especially for diaper rash? Baby who wears diaper is prone to have diaper rash. Although the diaper rash will soon go away within weeks, it makes mommy obviously frustrated. In addition if parents do not treat the diaper rash properly the rash may turns into a severe diaper rash or even a yeast infection.

You can choose best cream for baby rash based on these preferences below:

Best Cream For Baby RAsh Contained Zinc Oxide

The first cream is diaper rash cream with zinc oxide. This is a common cream meant for treating diaper rash. The cream will be a good coating to help healing the irritating rash. However, the cream might be effective for mild to moderate diaper rash but not very effective to be applied on severe diaper rash.

Butt Paste An Example Of Best Cream For Baby RAsh

The second best cream for baby rash is a butt paste. The butt paste is effective enough for problematic diaper rash and safe enough if used in regular basis to treat diaper rash. It may contain zinc oxide mixed with lanolin, beeswax and or balsam. The cream is said will soothe the irritating rash and make a barrier between the diaper and baby’s skin. You might need prescription to get the paste.

Best Cream For Baby RAsh, Lanolin Cream

For diaper rash with inflammation, you might need hydrocortisone 1% cream. This cream is effective to reduce the inflammation at first layer of application and then followed by the application of another diaper rash cream. You should not use the cream more than twice a day in few days if needed, an extended usage can be harmful or damage the skin.

The next cream is lanolin cream. Lanolin cream is a common cream to treat sore nipples for breastfeeding mother. This is a natural ointment and produced by sheep. People often used this cream since the cream is good to heal the damaged skin.

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