Circular Rash On Babies

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Rash on babies is quite common. Most of rashes on babies are benign and clear up by themselves within days or weeks. The shape of the rash found on baby is varied due to the causes. You might find circular rash on your baby that spotted anywhere on baby’s body. To determine what kind of treatment you might want to apply to your baby, here are some of the causes of circular rash found on baby.Circular Rash On Babies, eczema

The first common cause of circular rash on babies is ringworm. Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungal that comes in babies and people of all age. Although the name is ringworm, but the infection does not related with any worms. You might find the rash occurs on any part of baby body and it is red, raised and itchy. The rash first appearance is small circle and then the rash grows up to an inch in diameter. Babies who have ringworm may get it from contact with an infected pet or person or recently has in contact with infected hats, hairbrushes or towels. You can help your baby to heal the rash by applying anti-fungal cream two times per day for at least three weeks.Circular Rash On Babies, Ring Worm

The second common cause of circular rash on babies is baby eczema. The rash may look red, scaly, and itchy; you might find oozing skin on the rash. Baby eczema although shows in many shapes depends on what type of eczema baby has but may appears as circular patches of skin. The exact cause of eczema on babies is unknown, but some irritants such as certain clothing or bubble bath may irritate baby’s skin and cause eczema. To treat eczema means avoid the affected skin in contact with agent of irritant. Bathe your baby every three days only to avoid the rash get worse and do not forget to pat dry or air dry the skin. As the affected skin is usually dry, moisturize the skin with unscented lotions or creams.Circular Rash On Babies

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