Common Baby Rashes That Itchy And Scaly

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Common baby rashes are normally non-threatening skin conditions. They may look awful and gives baby some discomfort such as itchy or burning sensation but they may resolve on its own within days, weeks or months. Identifying what kind of rash your baby has including the associated symptoms will be beneficial for you to determine what kind of best treatment your baby needs and when should worry about the rash.Common Baby Rashes That Itchy, Baby Eczema

Some of common baby rashes may be itchy and scaly on the skin. The first common example of itchy and scaly rash in babies is eczema. The exact cause of eczema is still unknown but when there is a family member has eczema, baby might develop eczema too. The rash may look scaly patches on the affected area such as legs, arms, torso, cheeks, elbow and knees along with cracking and chapping on cheeks. The rash may cause itching, pain and if it is severe it might cause secondary infections. The rash may disappear and reappear again in random condition but it occasionally occurs when the air is dry and cold such as winter time.Common Baby Rashes That Itchy And Scaly, Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is also types of common baby rashes that are itchy and scaly. Contact dermatitis is a rash that comes into existence as skin is in contact with substance or chemicals baby might sensitive or allergic to. The example is including clothes that laundered with harsh detergent, certain soaps, baby wipes, certain type of diapers, and poison ivy. The rash is localized and only part of skin that in contact with certain allergen shows the contact dermatitis.

The other common scaly rashes that baby might develop is psoriasis, this rash might passes through genes and affects part of skin mainly on elbows and knees or any other part of body. Hives is also one of itchy rash that commonly found on babies. The rash is identified as red, itchy on skin that may resolve on its own.Common Baby Rashes The Psoriasis

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