Common Causes Of Baby Diaper Rash Bleeding

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Baby diaper rash bleeding is obviously a worrisome for parents. There are at least three common causes of bleeding diaper rash including allergic reactions, diarrhea and yeast infections. Although it is not a life threatening disease, however you need to perform best effort to prevent the rash from getting severe through determining what the exact causes of bleeding diaper rash. Common Causes Of Baby Diaper Rash Bleeding

The first common cause of baby diaper rash bleeding is a yeast infection. Baby may develop yeast infection under diaper area because baby is recently on antibiotic medication or baby skin under diaper area is exposed on dirty diaper for a long period of time. Another cause of the occurrence of yeast infection is baby has diaper rash but not well-treated. Yeast infection under diaper area despite the bleeding is identified as watery red bumps spotted on a baby’s groin, bottoms, and legs. The usual home treatment to treat the diaper rash is less effective, you need to consult with a pediatrician. The rash is usually is treated with prescribed topical anti-fungal creams.Common Cause Of Baby Diaper Rash Bleeding Is Yeast Infections

Diarrhea is the next common cause of baby diaper rash bleeding. Diarrhea can make stool more acidic than the normal stool. When the skin is in contact with baby’s skin, the skin causes a very bad irritation. During diarrhea course, baby will poop more often and needs more cleansing towards baby skin. As baby is wiped more often, baby’s irritated skin is getting severe. To prevent the rash going worse, you may clean the rash with lukewarm water and then pat dry the skin using a soft washcloth or air dry the skin. Avoid rubbing or wiping the skin to reduce any more discomfort to baby. As the diarrhea stop, the rash will eventually resolve too.Common Causes Of Baby Diaper Rash Bleeding, Foods Allergy

Baby might develops allergic reaction towards particular foods such as milk, eggs, peanut and many more. Baby has lactose intolerance or consumes high levels of acid beverages or food can cause the diaper rash and makes the skin is irritated. Stop offering foods that contain substance baby is sensitive to or mother who nursing her baby should stop consuming those foods temporarily.

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