Common Rash Baby Has In Early Year Of Life

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The rash baby has during the first year of his/his life is something common and as a parent you might expect to see once your baby has rash on her/his face, buttocks, torso or other part of the body. The rash on baby might look bumpy or prickly, with flat red or pink color and sometimes scaly. In severe rash case, the rash might accompanied with liquid filled blister.

Yeast Rash Baby Might Have

The rash baby has which is commonly found on babies might caused by various reasons, such as diaper rash. Diaper rash is the rash found in diaper area. The rash is a consequence as skin on diaper area is irritated due to a long-term dampness or baby left too long with urine mixed with stool that in touch with the skin. The second rash is yeast diaper and this rash is caused by yeast infection. The rash will look like a diaper rash but the rash is clearly defined, accompanied with red bumps at the edges of the rash. Unlike the diaper rash that might go away in a few days, this kind of rash needs medication.

Acne, A Rash Baby Has On The first YEar

Another rash baby has in first year of life is heat rash or prickly heat. This rash occurs when little pores of baby are blocked and lead to sweat glands. Sweat held within the skin will cause a red bumps occurs and sometimes with blister too. This rash is commonly found in hot and humid weather or when a baby is overdressed. Baby acne is also common on baby as there is a mother’s hormone exposure. Detect the red bumps accompanied with white dot on the center of it seen on baby’s face. You shouldn’t worry as this rash will go away on its own. Cradle cap might normally found on baby on the first three months. It looks scaly, greasy and creates patches on the scalp. Typically will go on its own but some cases a medication is required.

Prickly Heat As One Example of Rash Baby Has On The First Year

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