Common Types Of Red Rash On Baby Bottom

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Red rash on baby bottom is occasionally caused by wet and dirty diaper, drying skin, irritants exposure and many more. The rash on baby bottom is usually called diaper rash, however there are more types of red rash found on baby bottom and the causes are also various.

Red Rash On Baby Bottom CAused By Diaper Chafing

Some types of red rash on baby bottom are including:

  • Diaper chafing or chafing dermatitis. The most common form of rash found on baby’s bottom. The rash is caused by too much moisture on baby’s bottom or as an irritation reaction from the diaper. This rash will make baby’s bottom, folds of thighs and genital area looks red and puffy. To help heal the rash, put a little over mild ointment on the rash.
  • Eczema or atopic dermatitis. This rash may caused by irritants, allergens, environmental factors and or the heredity factors. The rash is likely found on babies 6 to 12 months. The eczema may appear in one spot of skin and will likely to strike to diaper area with red patches, scaly found on the legs and groin area. You need a professional medication to treat the eczema.Red Rash On Baby Bottom Caused By Yeast Infection
  • Yeast Infection or Candida dermatitis. Yeast infection may occur when there is an untreated diaper rash or a persistent severe diaper rash and mostly appear during and after taking antibiotics. The rash is described as red tiny spots, numerous and forming as a raised bright rash in red with well- defined edges. This rash can be very painful and make skin tender. Mostly found on baby’s genital area, legs and creases between thighs and stomach. A medicated cream is needed to treat the rash.
  • Stool irritation or Perianal dermatitis. As baby starts eating first solid food especially something acid on the diet, baby is susceptible to get this kind of rash. This rash likely strikes the anus and makes the skin around the anus become bright to dark red. You can treat the rash by giving an over-the-counter topical cream. Red Rash On Baby Bottom Treated With Over-The-Counter Topical Cream

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