How To Cure Baby Rash Naturally: The Guide

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When you want to perform how to cure baby rash naturally, you need at least knowledge what to pick and not to pick to treat baby rash effectively. Some of the ingredients of baby rash treatment out there may contain ingredients that raise health concern. However as you are determine to treat the baby rash naturally, you can follow the guide to select products with ingredients you need to avoid and ingredients you need to pick below.

Below are ingredients that you need to avoid when performing how to cure baby rash naturally:How To Cure Baby Rash Naturally Avoid talc BAsed Powder

  1. The first is boric acid: this inorganic ingredient is commonly added to care products as antimicrobial agent, but it is also linked to developmental problems and life threatening disease.
  2. The second ingredient is DEA or Diethanolamine. It is surfactant and commonly used in baby product such as baby shampoo and washes.
  3. Parabens is the third ingredient you need to avoid as this chemical has been linked to hormone disruption and any other human health problems.
  4. Phthalates is also need to be avoided since it is known as hormones disruptors and testicular toxins although highly used to maintain fragrance. That is why when you select baby products, it is recommended to select the fragrance free product.
  5. Talc is often found as baby powder ingredients. It is a natural mined mineral and used to control moisture and odor. Since it contains carcinogen your baby should not inhale the powder, you can select corn starch based powder or baking soda instead to treat baby rash.How To Cure Baby Rash Using Zinc Oxide Product

You can select baby natural product to perform how to cure baby rash naturally that contains following ingredients:

  • Select product that contains calendula. The source of calendula is pot maringold flowers and it is good for skin irritations and baby rashes.
  • Zinc oxide based products are also recommended to be used. It is usually effective to treat diaper rash.
  • Evening primrose oil that contains a natural fatty acid that acts as anti-inflammatory agent and it is good for skin conditions.How To Cure Baby RAsh Naturally Using Evening Primrose Oil

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