The Cure For Rash On Baby Butt

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Rash on baby butt is often called diaper rash. The rash is typically presents as a red patches or bumps on the affected skin of baby butt. A normal diaper rash may go away on its own within few weeks, but if you see the rash is persistent or get worse it may caused by yeast infection. The diaper rash caused by yeast infection may give hard time for diaper creams to curing. The reason is the diaper cream might not a good fitting barrier for yeast rashes.

Rash On Baby Butt Is Usually caused By Yeast Infection

However, a plain yoghurt may help you to cure rash on baby butt caused by yeast infection. Yoghurt with acidophiles cultures might help to get rid of the stubborn yeast rashes and it is good for baby that has an extreme sensitive skin that chemical substances make it worse. Acidophiles cultures are normally found on foods like yoghurt and surprisingly on our body, that is why it is a good option to cure yeast rash as the cultures are not a produced chemical.

 Rash On Baby Butt Treated With Yoghurt Contains Acidophiles

To make cure rash on baby butt caused by yeast infection, first find plain yoghurt that contains acidophiles cultures. If you breastfeed your baby you can consume it right away. The nursing mother will definitely pass the cultures through the milk to the baby. If you do not breastfeed your baby but baby started eating solids food, you can add yoghurt to her/his diet. Add it to baby’s breakfast or lunch. Do not add sugar to baby’s meal added with yoghurt as the cultures will battle the sugar and creates lactic acid so it will be less effective to cure the yeast rash.

Treat Rash On Baby Butt With Plain Yoghurt

You may apply the yoghurt to diaper rash. Apply a thick layer of yoghurt to cover the rash completely, as applying the diaper rash ointment. After that, you can clean the remaining yoghurt by wiping it away at each time the diaper is changed. Wipe it out with wet soft washcloth and reapply the yoghurt with fresh diaper. Do it until the rash cleared and contact the pediatrician if there is open blister accompanied.

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