How To Determine Baby Acne Or Rash On Baby

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Is It Baby Acne or RAsh

How to determine a baby has baby acne or rash is by identifying. Newborn acne appears soon after birth or when baby reach two or three months of age. Mother may passes hormones in the final stages of pregnancy through the placenta to baby and it stimulates the oil glands. Newborn acne may appear as red or white bumps that found on baby face especially forehead and cheeks. Although it may look like a teen or adult’s acne you need no acne products to heal it otherwise the rash will worsen.Distinguish Between Baby Acne or Rash By Identifying The Rash

You can distinguish baby acne or rash that commonly found on baby face by looking at the types of the rash and the colors of the bumps. Common baby rash that often similar to baby acne is milia, milia appears on baby face too. You can differentiate whether it is milia or baby acne through the color. Milia will appear as white bumps. Milia may appear because there are skin flakes that trapped on the skin surface. Milia may appear just few hours after baby is born or a few days after birth.BAby Acne Or Rash Is Commonly Found On BABY

While another specification like the red bumps identified as baby rash may indicates eczema not baby acne because it has another following symptoms. Eczema appears as red patches that may ooze and crust over. Unlike baby acne, eczema may cause discomfort to baby. Eczema may appear because there is exposure towards irritating substances such as fragrances, lotions, soap, detergents or bubble baths. It is likely to appear when baby reach one to five months of age.

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