How To Diagnose Red Rash On Baby Face

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Red rash on baby face is quite common found on babies. During the first year of baby’s life, you might expect to see it at least once rash on baby face. Some of baby rash are harmless and will eventually go away within weeks or months but other rash that associated with other symptoms may indicate something serious happened in baby’s body.

Red Rash On Baby FAce Due To Allergic Reaction

How to diagnose the red rash on baby face may help you to determine what kind of rash that your baby has. As the first step you can look the rash, find any other clue such as is there any scaly on the rash. If the rash is scaly, it might due to a various disorder. Meanwhile, if it is not it may due to a set of different skin problem.Red-Rash-On-Baby-Face-May-Indicate-A-Mild-problem

Next step is to feel the outer layer of the affected skin, the rash may rounded, flat, or bumpy. Heat rash on baby may appear as red, bumpy, prickly, itchy rash. Rash that appear as blotchy, red spots with raised white or yellow in the center may a sign of the erythema toxicum. If your baby has rash that appears as red, raised non-scaly rash it might due to insects bites. Rash accompanied with red small bumps may indicate baby acne.Red Rash On Baby FAce due To MEasles

If you found red rash on baby face is non-scaly and flat, you need to be cautious as it may indicate serous disorders. The first diagnose for this kind of rash is measles. If the rash is accompanied with tender skin it might due to cellulitis, occasionally it is cured with antibiotics. You need to be alert with a serious rash with the mentioned symptoms as it might due to Steven Johnsons Syndrome. The illness may indicate a reaction to medication received by baby.

When the rash is chronic or lasts for a longer time than usual rash and it is scaly, it may indicate eczema, ringworm or lupus.

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