Diaper Baby Rash Treatment Remedies

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Diaper baby rash treatment remedies are occasionally applied at home along with medical treatment if it is necessary. Diaper rash is one of the common rashes found on babies. Although the rash is not a life threatening disease but diaper rash may come several times as long as baby wears diaper. The red and cracked skin on the diaper area is enough to cause parents does not get a wink of sleep.

If your baby develops diaper rash you may apply the following baby rash treatment remedies at home:Diaper Baby Rash Treatment Remedies, vegetable Oil

The first remedy is using vegetable oil after the affected area is cleaned with lukewarm water and dried completely. It is sound silly but you can apply vegetable oil to the affected skin to help heal the rash.

The next remedy is treating the rash using olive oil solution. First you need to mix a tablespoon of olive oil and 5 drops of water, next you need to whisk the mixture until you get a smooth and foamy texture. After the affected area is cleaned and dried, you can apply the solution on the rash.Diaper Baby Rash Treatment Remedies, Olive Oil Solution

Another treatment is using flour. First you need to put enough flour in to a frying pan and heat it in a middle flame. Try to stir the flour until you get a golden brown color. Apply the burnt flour on the rash area every diaper changes time.Diaper Baby Rash Treatment Remedies, Cornstarch and Vaseline Paste

You can make your own diaper rash paste by mixing cornstarch and Vaseline together until you get a fine paste consistency. Apply the paste to the affected area before you put a new diaper on your baby.

Another example of diaper baby rash treatment remedies is giving an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal is beneficial to soothe the irritation on the skin. When you bathe your baby add some oatmeal in to the bathtub and stir it lightly. Put baby in the bathtub and rinse the area with the oatmeal and water for about 15 minutes.

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