Diaper Rash In Babies Caused by Milk

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Diaper rash in babies may occur because baby has not yet fully developed their immune system. They are at great risk to be exposed to chemicals substances, bad environment, bacteria or yeast. Some common causes of diaper rash is wet or dirty diaper that left for too long, baby wipes, hot and humid weather, and yeast infections. However, in some cases the causes of diaper rash are milk intolerance, lactose intolerance and milk allergy too. Babies will likely to have diarrhea or diaper rash after drinking milk.

Diaper rash in babies with milk intolerance or allergy occurs as baby is having cow’s milk. A mother who has cow’s milk in her diet and breastfeed her baby may passes the milk that contains cow’s milk protein to her baby. When your baby has milk allergy the symptoms will be asthma, hives or facial swelling. Milk allergy may lead to severe reactions and need medical treatment immediately.Diaper Rash In Baby Is Might Due To Milk Allergy

The other diaper rash in babies is caused by milk intolerance. Milk allergy and milk intolerance is two different disorders. The milk allergy will occur because there is an immune system reaction while milk intolerance in babies is kind of a defect in the intestines. Milk intolerance is a condition when baby body cannot breakdown the whey proteins and the casein when the digestive process is carry on. When your baby has this milk intolerance, your baby is likely to develop diarrhea, gas, bloating and very painful stomach pain.     Diaper Rash In Babies Is Might Due To Milk Intolerance

Lactose intolerance may cause the diaper rash too, although it is rarely found in babies. Lactose intolerance due to sugar intolerance found in milk. It is not solely sugar found in milk but sugar that needs to be simplified so it can be absorbed in bloodstream. Although baby is rarely to have this intolerance, when you find your babyhas stomach pain or intestinal infection the lactose intolerance might be the culprit.Diaper RAsh In Babies Is Might Due To Lactose Intolerance

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