When Diaper Rash On Babies Does Not Get Better

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Diaper rash on babies is one of the common rashes that you might expect to see on your baby during the first year of life. Since baby still develops the immune system and adapts to new environment, baby with diaper rash is quite normal. Most of diaper rash case need no special treatment and will go away within few weeks.

Yet, when diaper rash on babies does not get better what should you do? If your baby has a persistent diaper rash and does not get better, you may try below tips.

When Diaper Rash On Babies Does Not Get Better

Examine your baby’s skin, for a raw baby skin try to soak at least for ten minutes in a warm bath. You may add baking soda to the warm water. Add about 30 mL or two tablespoon of baking soda to warm bath, baby tub or warm water for both young children and babies. You should not try this step on baby with the umbilical cord still attached. Always make sure baby is in adult’s supervision while baby in the bath. You may sit in a bathtub with your baby or you can use sitz bath instead.

Adding Warm Water With Baking soda As Diaper RAsh On Babies TReatment

Diaper rash on babies might caused by the chemicals exposure. Baby’s skin may unexpectedly delicate and sensitive towards chemicals substances. Try to change products of disposable product you have recently used to your baby. Find a disposable diaper with super absorbent or brief with absorbent gelling material (AGM).

Use Cloth Diaper As One Of Diaper Rash On Babies Treatments

 One of the irritant agents is disposable baby diaper; you can try a cloth product instead. However, some babies are likely to develop rash with cloth product, you can try to switch to disposable diaper with the above specification. When you still want to use the cloth product, try to exchange the detergent you recently used for washing the cloth product. Try to rinse diapers or briefs twice as you wash the cloth product with adding 30 mL of vinegar to 4 L of water in the last rinse.

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