Diaper Rash Baby Powder for Diaper Rash Treatment?

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Is it safe to use diaper rash baby powder for diaper rash treatment? Diaper rash is one of the common rashes found on babies. This kind of rash is described as a condition when the nappy areas become reddish due to irritation. The cause of diaper rash is obviously because of the diaper. There are three factors at least why diaper causes a rash. The first one because diaper has too much moisture, second because the snugly diaper makes fresh air regulation blocked, and the ingredients of the diapers, the usage of soap, bath product, stool and urine can cause irritant to a baby. Diaper rash mostly found on the nappy area especially baby’s bottom.

Diaper Rash Baby Powder For The Buttocks

It is said that diaper rash baby powder is one of the treatment to diaper rash, but is it safe? One key point to this problem is prevention. It is always good to prevent any diaper rash rather than to treat it. Try to prevent any diaper rash by keeping the baby bottom clean and dry. One way to keep that way is by regularly change the diaper and it seriously means lot of changes.

Diaper Rash Baby Powder And Change The Diaper

When you decide to use diaper rash baby powder as treatment, try to keep it in mind not to apply it while the rash is still present. The usage of baby powder will make the rash worse since the powder create creases in the skin and the substance will hold the moisture up. This is not a normal condition since bacteria grow easily and infection occurs as a result. Baby powder ingredient as talc or cornstarch is not allowed used in the diaper area where the rash occurs. The cornstarch makes the bacteria grow and both talc and cornstarch can initiates breathing problem. Use baby powder with care and keep it away from baby’s face. You can put a little of powder in your hand and apply it gently in the diaper area.

     Diaper Rash Baby Powder, Apply It On Your Hand First

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