Diaper Rash Remedies For Babies At Home

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Diaper rash may go away in several days but to get rid of it immediately, you may try several ways of diaper rash remedies for babies. Diaper rash is not fun for both mommy and baby. Diaper rash occurs with sign of redness patchwork around the buttocks, genital area and thighs. Diaper rash makes baby discomfort for sure and when it is not well treated, the diaper rash may turn into severe rash or even a yeast infection.

Diaper Rash Remedies For Babies At Home

There are various ways of diaper rash remedies for babies and you can do it at home. The first simple step to treat the diaper rash is making sure you keep the skin on the diaper area clean and dry. Make sure to minimize the contact of skin with stool and urine. That is why as soon as the diaper wet and soiled or minimum 3 hours during the day, the diaper is changed. You need to change the diaper during the night too, so the rash will not get severe. It is recommended that diaper you use is able to absorb well so when the baby urinates there is no liquid or moist that will in contact with the skin.

Easy Diaper Rash Remedies For Babies

Other diaper rash remedies for babies is making sure when you are changing the diaper you wash it thoroughly with warm plain water and use soft cloth or cotton wool bud. Use a mild soap if you need to get rid the soiled area on the skin. After wash, rinse and dry the diaper skin area, you may apply cream to protect the skin to stay healthy. Remember not to apply it on the broken skin or you will interrupt the healing process. Watch the selection of diaper you will use, do not use plastic pants during the healing process. If you are using disposable diaper, make sure you fold the plastic and do not let it in contact with body. Make sure you wear not too tightly too.

Using Cream As Diaper Rash Remedies For Babies

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