Diets For Baby But Rash

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Baby but rash will always occur as long as baby wears diaper. Baby who starts eating solid will likely to have greater chance to get but rash due to food allergy or sensitivity. When your loved one has mild diaper rash, it will soon go away within days and your loved one can have her normal diets. However, when your baby has rash after eating certain food you should be concern.Diets For Baby But Rash Caused By Diarrhea

When baby but rash occurs due to certain food baby is sensitive to, baby is likely to develop diarrhea. Common diaper rash is caused by prolonged exposure to dirty and wet diaper, the rash is even easily to occur when baby has diarrhea. The cause of diarrhea is not solely about the foods baby are sensitive too, but also caused by various kinds of viruses and bacteria such as gastroenteritis or rotovirus.Diets For Baby But Rash, Avoid Fruit Juice

Giving proper diets to prevent baby but rash getting worse is the best option. The first option is giving diet contains of bread, rice, applesauce and toast or called BRAT diet. In addition to BRAT diet, you can offer baby to have pasta, soft boiled eggs, grains, cereal, and yogurt with probiotics. This diet is a starchy diet that advantageous to add bulks to the stool and help diarrhea to dry up. This starchy diet is easy to digest too. For the time being giving your baby fats, sugars, or fruit juice is not the wise option as those foods aggravates the diarrhea and the rash too.Diets For Baby But Rash, Offer Starchy food

When the rash does not go away within days and your baby develops blisters or raised dots pattern on the rash you should go to doctor. The rash is no longer due to diaper rash, it might turn into a yeast infection or impetigo. You should be concern about dehydration too, call pediatrician if your baby produce no urine within more than 12 hours or there is dry mouth or unable to make tears. In addition if there is any blood in the diarrhea, your baby look very ill, or has eight bout of diarrhea within eight hours call pediatrician immediately.

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