Different Baby Rashes That May Look Similar

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Baby might develop few different baby rashes during her life. Rashes on baby might look terrible but they may harmless and usually will resolve on its own within weeks. When you treat the rash immediately and know what best treatment to perform, the rash may resolve faster. Identifying, hence, is important to determine what kind of best treatment you should apply.

There are several different baby rashes that may look similar to be identified with. Here are some of the rashes found on diaper area that may look similar:Different Baby Rashes That May Look Similar, Diaper RAsh

A diaper rash may due to several of causes and contact rash is one of it. A contact diaper rash is also known as a friction rash. The rash occurs as baby skin especially bottom and genital area are repeated in contact with diaper. The rash of contact diaper may look red, flat, and sometimes puffy. You may treat the rash by allowing baby go without diaper for several minutes in four to five times per day or rinsing the baby bottom with warm water to cleanse, change the diaper to new product, change disposable diaper to cloth diaper or applying over-the-counter diaper creams that has been approved by pediatrician.Different Baby Rashes That May Look Similar, Yeast Diaper Rash

The next different baby rashes example that may look similar to one another is yeast rash. Yeast rash may occur on diaper area. The rash looks red, raised and can be extremely painful for baby. The yeast rash may occur as baby take on antibiotics lately or has untreated diaper rash. You may found the rash spotted on baby genital area and especially for baby girl you may found it on the folds of labia. The rash is treated with antifungal cream as prescribed by doctor.Different Baby Rashes That May Look Similar, Irritant Rash

Irritant rash may also occur on baby diaper area and look similar to other diaper rashes. The rash occurs as baby skin is in contact with agent of irritant, such as detergent, soaps, and or baby wipes. You may found a large area of baby bottom skin covered with rash as the irritant repeatedly touches the skin. You need to identify and minimize the exposure of the irritant to the skin to treat the rash.

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