How To Differentiate Baby Has Diaper Rash Or Yeast Infection

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Baby has diaper rash is a common for a baby but it would be different if a baby has yeast infection. So how to differentiate and determine whether your baby has a diaper rash or yeast infection? Both diaper rash and yeast infection strikes the rear part of baby’s body such as buttocks and genital area. Diaper rash is mostly found when a baby left too long with wet and dirty diaper, the ingredients of the diaper itself also the agent that makes baby’s skin has a rash. When this condition is not well treated, it may cause a yeast infection.

Baby Has Diaper Rash With Red Bumps

When your baby has diaper rash, you will know it through the red or pink bumps around the buttocks and genital area. There are three factors why a diaper rash occurs such as too little air, too much moisture and irritant. The diaper rash may go away on its own without any special treatment. However, diaper rash cause discomfort for sure. It is always good to change the diaper regularly and keep your baby’s buttock clean and dry. Clean the baby with plain water and dry it with washcloth or cotton wool balls. Leave the baby bottom to get some air circulate around the bottom for about 10 minutes and do not put diaper too tight on a baby.

Baby Has Diaper Rash That Turns To Yeast Infection

If your baby has diaper rash is still persistent even though you have tried all best effort you can do, you may be cautious about the yeast infection. Be alert when you find your baby’s buttock skin is redder than when a baby has diaper rash. The yeast infection is not only found on baby’s buttock and genital area but also occurs on folds of the skin. The best way to treat the yeast infection is using cream such as nystatin or miconazole. If the yeast infection does not go away after few days and your baby has a fever you need to consult with your baby pediatrician.

Baby Has Diaper Rash, Using Cream for Treatment

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