Eczema Baby Rash Treatment

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Eczema on babies may not be cured but parents can still control eczema by applying baby rash treatment. Baby tends to develop rash that look red, dry and itchy patches due to eczema. This kind of rash is obviously irritating for both baby and parents. Apply eczema treatment to soothe the rash by following below tips:

Treating eczema means treating the dryness on baby’s skin and the inflammation. Thus, the first way of baby rash treatment is taking baby to have a good bathing routine to treat the skin dryness. Parents should preferred bathing over showers and it is should be warm. Bathe baby in lukewarm water for about 10 minutes long and it is better not to take baby longer than 10 minutes. For the time being avoid using harsh soap, prefer the herbal mild one. Also avoid using bubble bath, Epson salts or any additives ingredients as they can cause skin irritation and aggravate the eczema. When you use washcloth make sure the washcloths are laundered with mild detergent and prefer the soft one.

The next baby rash treatment is applying the moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer after bathe time at least three minutes after baby finish taking bath. The moisturizer will keep the skin moisture and prevent it to evaporate and cause dryness. Ointments and creams moisturizers are more preferable to keep the moisture best than lotions as lotions are mostly water based. The moisturizer should be applied on baby’s skin at least two times a day. You might also prefer the fragrance and dye free moisturizers to prevent any skin irritation. Ointments are usually safe to be applied on scratched open skin rather than creams. If you worry about baby get stinging when you put her in bath, try to add one cup of table salt to her lukewarm water bath.

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