Factors That Cause Diaper Rash On Baby Girl

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Diaper rash on baby girl is marked with irritated, redness patches of the skin on the diaper area. The other symptoms are the skin is little warm and fluffy and sometimes accompanied by tiny red bumps or pimples in particular area. When diaper rash turns to a serious diaper rash, you will see red bumps spreading to baby girl’s tummy and thighs. At least one time in baby life time diaper rash occurs and most of mild diaper rash will go away on its own.

Diaper Rash On Baby Girl Due To Wet Diaper

Diaper rash on baby girl will occur when you leave your baby girl in wet and dirty diapers. The mixture between the urine and bacteria from the stool is very harsh to baby girl’s skin. When baby get diarrhea, it is even more susceptible to get diaper rash. One way to prevent a diaper rash is change the diaper frequently. However, if your baby girl has a very sensitive skin your baby girl is likely will have a diaper rash.

Diaper Rash On Baby Girl Worsen By Diarrhea

The other factors, your baby might have low tolerance to chemical substances. Several baby products might contain chemicals substances like fragrances. The diaper, detergents to wash baby clothes, lotion or powder are the agent that in contact with the skin directly and make the rash occurs.

Diaper Rash On Baby Girl Is Often Found On Baby 9-12 months

Diaper rash on baby girl is found more often as she starts eating solid food or between 9 to 12 months old. When baby starts to get used to some new foods, the bowel movements are increasing that is why the stool compositions change too. If you are breastfeed your baby, it is likely that your baby is reacting to what you are eating. Antibiotic that taken by breastfed mother or baby itself also the cause of the rash. Antibiotics will kill the good bacteria that check in the yeast, numerous yeasts grow and live in wet skin and that is how the rash occurs.

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