Fever Rash Baby Due To Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

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Fever rash baby has during the first year of their life may not a common rash found on babies. Baby has not developed their immune system yet and a rash commonly found on baby is a sign that a baby is adapting the new environment. However, a rash that accompanied by fever might indicates something serious. One possibility when a baby has a rash accompanied by fever is baby gas hand foot and mouth disease.

Fever Rash Baby That Caused By Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

Hand foot and mouth disease is signed with soreness on the mouth, feet and hands and will occasionally strike the legs and buttocks. The sore can be extremely painful but will last for more than a week only. The cause of the hand foot and mouth disease is the effect of the enterovirus that spread easily through coughing or sneezing. Although rarely found, the disease is also spread through infected poop. The symptoms of the disease are including fever. Fever rash baby has that caused by this disease will range from 38 to 39 Celsius. Another symptoms are tiredness, sore at throat, blister within one or two days on feet, hands, mouth and buttocks. The blister might break open and crust over but will soon go away in a few days or a week.

Fever Rash Baby HasThat Caused By Hand Foot And Mouth Disease Is Around 38 To 39 Celsius

This kind of rash need professional medication and doctor usually prescribes treatment after examining the sores and blisters. For the fever rash baby has caused by the disease you might give your child ibuprofen or acetaminophen but not aspirin. The doctor will also recommend cool fluids to cure the sore throat. If the baby starts eating solids food, you can avoid acidic foods and beverages that will increase the sore on the mouth. As a health-concerned parents try to keep your children spreading the disease towards another children by keeping your baby away from other children and try to wash your hands as much as possible.

Give Ibuprofen To Cool Down Fever Rash Baby Caused By Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

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