Finding Rash On Baby Chin? These Are Some Possibilities

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Your baby has rash on baby chin? You might need not worried too much since common rash on baby goes away on its own in few days. As a parent, you might see one or two rashes on your baby face during her or his early year of life. Rash on babies is common and rash on baby face especially on the chin is usual too. However, you need to know more about what kind of rash that strikes baby face and baby chin as you can treat it well and make it go away sooner.

Rash On Baby Chin, Cheek And Neck Due To Heat Rash

Here are some possibilities that baby has rash on baby chin or in general on baby face. The first rash that commonly found is heat rash. This rash is due to heat exposure for a long time. Baby unlike adults has smaller pores. When they sweat a lot, sweat glands are blocked. When your baby overheated, you may check for her face, neck, arms, chest and folds of the skin. You can prevent heat rash by dressing the baby in loose clothing, wear the diaper not too tightly, and stay in the room with air conditioning or stay in the shade. Milia is also one of the possibilities you find rash on baby’s chin. The tiny white bumps on the face and chin are harmless and will go away within a few days.

Rash On Baby Chin And Cheek

The next possibilities when you find rash on baby chin, it might due to milk rash. Milk rash strikes baby’s cheek, chin and mouth area. The cause of milk rash is a consequence of allergic reaction to milk proteins. You can wait for the rash to go away in few days or meanwhile you can help your baby by giving her or him steroid cream. Drool is also one of the culprits of the rash found on baby’s chin. It strikes chin and cheeks when baby drools a lot. Try to rinse baby’s face in the morning and night with plain water or washcloth.

Rash On Baby Chin Caused By Drool RAsh

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