Food Allergy Rash Baby

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One of the causes of allergy rash baby is food. When baby starts to eat solid foods, it is an exciting moment for parents. However, parents should be aware of certain foods that cause allergic reaction to baby. An allergy describes as immune reactions that bodydevelops to a certain allergen and in this case is food.Food Allergy Rash Baby, Found On Face

Allergy rash baby is often identified as a swollen, red, scaly or bumpy and itchy skin. The rash may suddenly occur or occur 48 hours after baby consumed the food. You might find the rash presents on baby face especially around mouth and baby tummy. A raised welts and itchy hives might occur as result of the allergic reaction.Food Allergy Rash Baby May Occur As Baby Starts Solid Food

Other than allergy rash baby and hives, your baby who develops allergic reaction towards certain food might experience dizziness, faint in the head and also there is tingling sensation in the mouth. Allergic reaction may cause following issues such as vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal distress. Babies who have food allergies may also show a respiratory response such as difficulties in breathing or wheezing. The other symptoms are swelling on the tongue or any part of baby face.Food Allergy Rash Baby, Avoid Allergic Foods

Allergy rash may cause skin irritation too, to soothe the irritation that might extremely itchy you can apply calendula cream, aloe vera gel or anti-itch lotion. The other option is having bath in warm water mixed with oatmeal and use herbal mild soap one. Other than oatmeal, you can put baking soda to baby bathwater too. To treat the hives, you can soothe it with soft, cool, wet washcloth to the affected area. You can use the ice water or cold milk to wet the washcloth.

To prevent the rash to come you should avoid offering the foods your baby is sensitive to. Foods that might cause the allergy and are more allergenic than others are including milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts (such as walnuts or almonds), fish, shellfish, soy and wheat.

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