Found Rash On Baby Back?

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Rashes like rash on baby back are commonly found on babies and children. Obviously, rashes give discomfort to baby since it is accompanied by fever, itching, swelling and many more. But several rashes may go on its own in a few days. Rashes on the back might caused by several reasons, identifying the rash, symptoms and identify if there is any serious cases will help you to know what to do to your baby.

Some of the types rash on baby back are due to irritation and bacterial, viral and fungal infections. In some cases, the causes of rashes found on babies and children are due to allergic reactions, heat rash, skin dryness, and eczema. Overall, viral illness is the most common causes of rash found on babies and children.

Rash On Baby BAck CAused By Viral Illness

Identifying is the next step you need to do to categorize what kind of rashes your baby has. You can identify the rash on baby back due to viral illness as the rash appear as small, red bumps found on the chest and back. The other rash like chickenpox rash may appear as small red bumps that turns into a clear vesicles and will soon scab over affected skin. When your baby has allergic reactions, the rash appears as hives or urticaria and there is raised itchy red swelling on the outer layer of the skin. The other rash caused by eczema will look dry, scaly patches skin. When the affected area scratched repeatedly, bacteria will infect it eventually.

Rash On Baby BAck Caused By Heat Rash

Some of the rashes found on baby’s back might be joined with other symptoms such as fever, upper respiratory infections, colds and ear infection on a viral rash. Other like measles can be accompanied with conjunctivitis, pink eye, and swelling of lymph nodes. Other rashes like allergic rashes, eczema or chickenpox are frequently accompanied with itching.

Rash On Baby BAck CAused By Chicken Pox

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