How To Get Rid Of Baby Rash Caused By Heat

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How to get rid of baby rash caused by heat is simple and easy. Rash caused by heat or heat rash is commonly found on baby. The heat rash occurs as the sweat glands are blocked and as result, the sweat leaks into the deep tissues and causing the rash to occur. Heat rash may occur with blister, bumps and itchiness. The usual heat rash may resolve or go away with simple remedies, however any infection or severe rash need a medical treatment.

How To Get Rid of Baby Rash, Airing Out Baby

You can start how to get rid of baby rash caused by heat by cooling the affected area of the skin. Stay in shaded area or in a room with air-conditioner or fan. Other causes of heat rash are overdressing or baby wear heavy clothing. Put a loose-fitting clothing instead or meanwhile take all baby clothes to reduce the rash. If you need to put on something to your baby, opt for cotton or any breathable fabrics. Pay attention to folds of the skin such as neck, armpit and behind the knee, your baby needs more comfort rather than the look.How To Get Rid Of Baby Rash, Bath Baby In LUkewarm

Bath your baby with lukewarm water. You may add baking soda or oatmeal to reduce the itchiness for children. When the rash does not seems to resolve, you may give your baby cool compresses to reduce any discomfort and help heal the lesions.

How To Get Rid Of Baby Rash Caused By Heat By using Salicylic AcidAnother tips of how to get rid of baby rash caused by heat is applying antiperspirants to dry the outer layer of the affected skin and help to heal any prickly heat. To help to heal any itchiness you can apply calamine lotion and to unclog the pores you may use salicylic acid.

Serious case of heat rash may need prescriptions medications. To reduce any inflammation you may apply corticosteroid creams. When there is any breaking blister develops infection you need antibiotics to get rid of any development of skin infections.

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