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Newborn baby diaper rash is obviously worrisome for new parents, they might consider baby’s skin should be soft and smooth all the time. The fact is the rash may occur at least once in baby’s first year of life including diaper rash. Diaper rash on newborn is commonly seen as red and sore skin spotted on baby’s genital area and baby’s bottom. Baby wearing wet and dirty diaper for too long is the most general cause why newborn develop diaper rash.Any Babies Can Develop Newborn Baby Diaper Rash

However, there are more than wet and dirty diaper that cause newborn baby diaper rash. Newborn is commonly sleep a lot like up to 16 to 17 hours a day and many babies sleep that long without waking. This condition makes baby’s bottomcovered with diaper with lack of air circulating mechanism works. As result baby’s skin develops more moisture that will likely is trapped on the diaper area and rash occurs. Another cause of diaper rash on newborn is an infection from yeast or bacteria. When newborn has diaper rash that is not immediately treated or untreated well, the initial diaper rash may turn into yeast diaper rash.Newborn Baby Diaper Rash Is Not Life Treathening Skin Conditions

Baby passes loose stools like a lot and not mention about urinating, newborn is exposed to wetness repeatedly can cause the rash occurs on diaper area. The other causes of newborn has diaper rash are due to certain conditions such as diarrhea, eczema and atopic dermatitis.Newborn Baby Diaper Rash Is One Of Common Rash On Babies

Newborn baby diaper rash is not a life threatening skin condition, you can help your baby stays comfort by applying treatment such as keep baby’s diaper area clean and dry. Let baby’s skin on diaper area breathe for a while by let baby without underclothes at least for 15-30 minutes for about 4-5 when diaper change time. Applying diaper rash cream as suggested by doctor that will act as barrier between baby’s skin and diaper will help to avoid friction and good to help heal the rash too.

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