Getting Closer With Baby Bottom Rash

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Baby bottom rash often occurs with certain red lines or a bunch of tiny red pimples. Although highly associated with diaper rash, behind the onset of rash on baby bottom might due to several reasons. The rash on baby bottom may also occur repeatedly and in various degree of severity.

Baby bottom rash occurs as baby prone to develop rash on the area where the diaper is under. Baby tends to wear snugly diaper all day long with little air circulating is available. Parents should know that baby has smaller pores compared to adults. When the skin is exposed to warmer environment such as snugly diaper, the skin may produce more sweat. This condition may lead to friction found around inner thighs areas and area between the buttocks and the diaper itself.Baby Bottom Rash Occurs As Red Lines Or Tiny red pimples

Baby, especially newborn, often passes loose stool. The skin is often exposed to the wetness even before parents realize it occurs and cause baby bottom rash. When the loose stool is not the problem, the combination between urine and stool that left for too long on the diaper will change the pH and the imbalance of pH will lead to skin irritation. Baby with a family history that has skin allergies is more susceptible to develop rashes on bottom too although out of diaper phase. Another reason that triggers the rash presence in bottom including diaper turn moist and detergent residue in the cloth diaper or baby wipes.Baby USes Diaper Prone to Get Baby Bottom Rash

When baby has rash on bottom baby might develop typical symptoms such as redness skin around the area of the bottom, cracked skin and yellow scales in the inner thigh area in the center, dotty small sore rashes found on bottom and around hips and small fractures around the bottom area especially in newborn or young babies. Baby tends to fuss since they cannot utter the real problem that is why parents should manage to determine the rash and give the best treatment to help heal the rash.Redness Is typical Symptom of Baby Bottom Rash

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