Healing Sandpaper Like Rash on Baby

November 29, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Rash Knowledge.

Having a baby is very amazing moment.  A baby still cannot develop his body well. Your baby’s skin is three times thinner than yours. You should carefully care his skin. The most common case that is occurred to his skin is rash. You may find sandpaper like rash on baby. You do not need to worry when your baby get rash. It is not really serious problem that should be extremely worried. But you need to avoid it getting worse. If you do not care it well, it can cause infection. In general, rash will go away by its own in certain period. These are several cares that you can do to make the rash heal faster.Sandpaper Like Rash on Baby

  • Bath your baby at least twice a day. You should clean your baby’s body so the rash will not affect the other area.
  • It is better for you to avoid using soap when your baby gets rash. But, if you really want to use soap, you should choose mild soap for your baby. Make sure that the soap is appropriate for your baby. Sometimes, baby’s skin is too sensitive so it can stand with some soap.
  • Always try to make your baby’s skin dry. Dry skin will make the rash goes away sooner. Make sure that his skin is really dry after bathing. You should choose towel with good and smooth fabric. Smoothly pat the affected area to avoid more irritation.
  • At very hot day, you need to turn on your AC. AC will help your room cooler. Warm weather will increase the moisture on his body. Moist will make the rash getting poorer. You can also allow your baby naked at day in several hours.
  • If the rash does not go away after 4 weeks, you need to consult with the doctor.

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