Heat Bumps on Baby’s Back

November 16, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Rash Knowledge.

Heat bumps can be itchy. Heat bumps are also called as miliaria or prickly heat. Usually, it is occurred when the weather is humid and hot. Heat pumps can be occurred to all ages, especially baby. Baby’s skin is prone since it still develops fewer sweat glands. Heat pumps will make you and your baby uncomfortable. In most cases, heat pumps do not require medical care. You can do several cares to avoid heat bumps on baby’s back getting worse.Treatment heat bumps on baby's back

  1. Use lukewarm water and mild soap when bathing your baby. It will soothe his skin. Clean all of your baby’s skin gently. You should hold your baby rightly when bathing him. Be careful when cleaning the rash area. You should move your hand carefully and smoothly
  2. Lightly pat his skin until really dry. You should use soft towel for drying your baby’s skin. Make sure that you dry all of the body parts, especially on area that is prone to the moisture.
  3. You can buy protective cream that is suggested by chemist. Apply the cream after bathing your baby. Take suggested measurement. Do not take too much cream.
  4. Wear your baby with loose and soft cloth. Tight cloth will irritate your baby’s skin. You should make your baby as comfortable as possible.
  5. Keep dry the affected skin. If the weather is extra hot, you can use an air conditioner to keep the skin dry. Hot weather will increase the moisture on your baby’s skin.
  6. As can as possible, do not use lotion or powder since they just make the rash getting worse. Sweaty lotion and talc powder will settle on his skin.
  7. Allow your baby naked several hours in your home. It can help decreasing the moisture. Dry skin will heal the rash faster.

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