Heat Rash In Baby During Winter Time

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Heat rash in baby may not a surprise for most mommies. Heat rash is mostly associated with hot and humid weather and causing sweat ducts become blocked. What about during a cold winter time, does heat rash occur during winter time too?

Heat Rash In Baby During Winter Time on Creases

Heat rash, prickly heat or miliaria rubra is a skin condition that commonly occurs when sweat is excessively produced and gathers under the skin because of the sweat duct is blocked. Baby is susceptible to get heat rash since the immune system has not yet fully completed so baby cannot manage the body temperature when the environment around baby is warmer than usual. During winter time, parents are occasionally dressing baby with heavy clothes such as blanket, sweaters, jackets and other warm clothes. Too much layers or heavy clothes may cause baby sweat a lot and the sweat ducts become clogged too.Heat Rash In Baby During Winter Time Due To Overdressing

Heat rash in baby during winter can be prevented, learn how to stop the heat rash during winter time as mention below:Heat Rash In Baby During Winter Time Found On BAck

Avoid using ointment or heavy cream or lotion because they tend to trap moisture more and make the heat rash worse.

Although it is cold during winter time, you can keep baby skin as cool as possible by washing the skin especially under arms, elbow creases, neck, back, chest and upper abdomen using warm water every few hours.

To soothe the heat rash you can apply a cold compress to affected area of the skin

Baking soda is known for its effectiveness to soothe inflammation causes by heat rash, bathe your baby in warm water added with baking soda.

The other option of home remedies to treat heat rash effectively during winter time is applying aloe Vera gel or calamine lotion.

Cotton clothes are the best to absorb sweat, you can use cotton wraps to wrap baby in it or to lay baby upon it to prevent heat rash in baby.

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