Heat Rash On Babies Following Fever

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What to do with heat rash on babies following fever? Fever and rash are two common things found on babies. Almost of cases of baby fevers are including bacterial or viral origins and including rash at some time. The most common rash following fever is related to heat rash or prickly heat and it is pretty benign. While other rashes that following high fever may associated with chicken pox or varicella, Measles, Rubella, Scarlett Fever, or Impetigo etc.What CAuse Heat Rash On Babies Following Fever

What cause the heat rash after fever? Heat rash that associated with fever as mentioned is not a big deal and belongs to non-life threatening rashes. Heat rash on babies after fever is not categorized as contagious rashes. The rash may look small white or red blister that found all over baby body. After the fever breaks, baby body will naturally sweating on its own as an attempt to cool down. In this process, somehow the sebaceous glands are blocked; bacteria or sebum might be the culprit of the clogged on the sweat ducts. The sweats that should be released are trapped underneath the skin and as a result small red blister that painful and itchy occurs.

The other possible cause of heat rash on babies following fever is baHeat Rash On Babies Following Fever On Stomachby is wrapped tightly since the fever causes baby to chill and shiver. Baby is often wrapped in tightly blankets or sweaters to avoid chills and shivering. When the skin environment is warmer than usual baby tends to sweat a lot, the condition of wrapped in blanket or sweater makes the heat rash occurs since there is no way out for sweats. Heat rash occurs after fever is commonly found on baby body, especially elbow, behind the knees, the chest, stomach, upper back and neck. The rash may give itchy sensation and cause discomfort to baby and makes baby fussy sometime.Heat Rash On Babies Following Fever On Folds Of skin

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