Home Remedies For Baby Rash On Head

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Home remedies for baby rash on head are available in many different ways. The causes of baby rash on head are enormous and cradle cap is one of the common causes of baby rash on head. The rash due to cradle cap is often characterized as yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on baby scalp, ear, eyebrows and eye lids. Although this rash is harmless and does not bother the baby but new parents mostly see it as blemishes that should be get rid of sooner.

The cradle cap might resolve on its own over time, however you can get rid it sooner by performing home remedies for baby rash on head below.Home Remedies For Baby Rash On Head, Coconut Oil For Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is often treated with oils. People may refer to baby oils or olive oils, but for natural one you might opt for coconut oil. Coconut oil unlike the other oil is pretty dry and leaves no residue when you apply it on baby head. It is a mess and stain free on your baby’s cloth. The coconut oil has many beneficial properties such as anti-fungal properties.Home Remedies For Baby Rash On Head, Baking Soda Mixture

The other example of home remedies for baby rash on head is baking soda mixture. To make the mixture is quite simple; first pour water and baking soda into a clean bowl or a container. Mix them all until you find a fine paste. Leave the mix for a while before you apply the paste on to the affected area of the scalp. Leave it a while before you clean all the paste from baby’s scalp using a soft washcloth or baby blush.Home Remedies For Baby Rash On Head, Massaging Mineral Oil

Massaging mineral oil is also a way to remove the cradle cap. Apply the mineral oil gently and generously on baby’s scalp or other affected area but be careful around the eyes area. Leave the oil to sit on the scalp for about 2-3 hours before you wash off all the oils using baby’s shampoo. Rub over the baby’s head using wet washcloth in circular shape. Repeat the method until the flakes disappear.

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