How Do Babies Get Diaper Rash?

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How do babies get diaper rash? The causes of diaper rash are enormous. Rash on baby including diaper rash is one of the most common skin conditions found on baby. There are contributing factors that often causing rash on diaper area, including baby is left for too long with wet and dirty diapers.

The diaper especially on newborn, should be changed every few hours or change it when it is too wet. As urine and stool that left for too long may change the pH balance and cause skin irritation due to constant friction. Changing diapers often and as soon as baby passes urine or stool might help to prevent the rash coming.How Do Babies Get Diaper Rash, Baby With Diaper Contains With  Urine And Stool That Left Too Long

However, if you are a diligent diaper changer and still find the rash on diaper area, you might consider the other cause of how do babies get diaper rash. Constant wetness from newborn loose stool may cause the surrounding area gets wet even though you change the diaper as soon as possible. Sometimes baby might develop rashes due to the substance on diaper itself. If the product contains ingredients baby is sensitive to, the substance will cause irritation. Consult with your baby pediatrician and stick with product that prescribed for your baby.How Do Babies Get Diaper Rash, It Might Due To New Solid Food

How do babies get diaper rash may due to new foods that introduced as baby starts solid food. Semi solid foods as some mothers feed to her baby may change the content of babies stool. Chances are baby is more susceptible to develop rash down below. Certain foods may also cause the increasing of bowel movement and cause the diarrhea and lead baby to get diaper rash.How Do Babies Get Diaper Rash, Might Be Due To Antibiotic MEdication

Babies who are in antibiotics medication or mother who takes antibiotics recently may also susceptible to develop rash. Antibiotics can kill all bacteria including friendly bacteria may disappear and cause the yeast called Candida albicans growth faster and cause an infection.

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