How To Determine Pimply Rash On Baby

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Pimply rash on baby can be sign of many skin conditions. Rash on baby is common thing and occasionally found in early years of baby life. When your baby has rash with pimples there are two common possibilities, your baby has heat rash or baby acne. Heat rash or prickly heat can occur when sweat ducts is blocked by excessive sweat. While pimply rash caused by acne occurs because the pore is blocked.Pimply Rash On Baby Caused By Acne

One way to determine pimply rash on baby due to heat rash or acne is through the causes. Pimply rash caused by heat rash typically appears during hot and humid weather or during cold weather if baby is overdressed. This kind of rash can be prevented by staying in a shade or staying in a room with fan or air conditioner.Pimply Rash On Baby Caused By Heat-Rash

Pimply rash on baby due to pimples or acne occurs after baby is born as early as two to three weeks. During the pregnancy mother may pass hormones to her baby stimulating the oil glands and as a result, baby develops pimples. This skin condition is unpreventable no matter effort to prevent you have performed.

You can determine your baby has heat rash or acne through the appearance. Baby acne is identified as red or white bumps on baby face such as cheeks and forehead, usually the bumps is tender, red and filled with pus. While the milia or heat rash or so called prickly heat is usually identified as red, itchy bumps that occur on baby face, creases, arms, trunk, legs and any other part of the body and appear on the outer layer of the skin.Pimply Rash On Baby due To Prickly HEat

The heat rash will eventually fade away on its own within 10 days by keeping the affected area stays dry and cool. While baby acne needs more time to fade away on its own.

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