How to Differentiate Baby Rash All Over Body

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Baby skin is prone to get rash. Rash can easily affect the baby from the age 0-4 years. There are many kinds of rash. As a good parent, you need to know the kinds of the rash so you can take the better treatment. Here, I will give some information regarding baby rash all over body. You can read so you do not need to be fright when your baby getting rash.

  • If you find your baby has uneven reddish patches or bumpy skin, it can be eczema. When eczema gets worse, the patches will become so itchy. They will ooze then scab over. You should avoid eczema achieving this point. This point can lead to infection. If you guess your baby get eczema, you should discuss with a pediatrician. In some cases, eczema can be prevented by changing his diet. You should use moisturizing soap. Use the soap when it is really needed. After bathing, apply Aquaphor to his skin. Do not let your baby overheated. Treatment baby rash all over body
  • If your baby gets overheated, you may find red or clear rash on his neck, face, chest, or arms. It is called heat rash. You can prevent heat rash by dressing your baby with loose and light cloth during hot day. But in some cases, heat rash can occur in winter. You should consider the type of your baby’s cloth so it will comfortable under the situation. Turning on the air conditioner and sponging him with cool water will also be good idea during hot weather.
  • If you find rash on his chin, check, and mouth, it can be milk rash. It is a kind of allergy to milk proteins. It can goes away without cares, but in long time. You need to consult with your pediatrician about the suitable milk for your baby. You can also apply steroid cream to clear up the continual cases.

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