How To Get Rid Of Heat Rash On Baby And Children?

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How to get rid of heat rash on baby and children when they are exposed to hot and humid weather is a question that most asked. Baby and children is naturally more susceptible to develop rash especially heat rash. The rash occurs as skin environment is overheated and the sweats are clogged in the sweats glands. Heat rash is occasionally occurs during hot and humid weather but also during winter when baby is wrapped in heavy clothes or blanket.

How to get rid of heat rash on baby and children is apparently simple. First thing first, baby need to be cool off, as parents you need to provide a cool, less humid environment. You can take baby near fan or air conditioner. Secondly, take off baby’s clothes and diapers for a while. If baby needs using clothes, wear a loose cotton clothes one and do not wear synthetic clothing. Sometimes the rash causes itchiness to the skin, you can apply prickly heat powder or calamine lotion over the affected area where baby develop the rash. The lotion or powder will soothe the itchy skin and calm baby for a while. Other than that, Aloe vera gel is also advantageous to soothe itchy rash too. Apply a thin layer of aloe gel on the affected area until the rash disappears.How To Get Rid Of Heat Rash On Baby And Children, Put A Thin Layer Of Aloe Gel

You can also bathe baby as an attempt to how to get rid of heat rash on baby. You can bathe baby in lukewarm water or use wet flannels or soft washcloth to be applied on affected area to soothe the affected skin.How To Get Rid Of Heat Rash On Baby, taking Baby To Have A Bath

Baby tends to scratch the itchy skin caused by heat rash or prickly heat and cause secondary problems as the skin may get worse and may get infected. To avoid such condition, you need to regularly trim baby’s nail or temporarily cover baby’s hands with socks.How To Get Rid Of Heat Rash On Baby, Put Socks On Baby's HAnds

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