How To Make Baby Cream For Diaper Rash

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Baby cream for diaper rash is available in numerous of options. Baby often develops diaper rash due to variety of factors such as allergic reaction, irritation, diarrhea or prolonged exposure from wet and dirty diaper. Diaper rash is often treated with over-the –counter diaper rash cream that you might make it on your own.

To make baby cream for diaper rash you may need things such as mineral oil, cornstarch, zinc oxide, triple antibiotic ointment, yeast infection ointment (optional), measuring spoon, mixing bowl, air tight plastic container.How To Make Baby Cream For Diaper Rash, Corn Starch

How to make baby cream for diaper rash is simple, you need to measure 1 tablespoon of mineral oil using the measuring spoon. Pour the mineral oil into a bowl and add 2 tablespoon of cornstarch. Mix the ingredients until you get a fine paste.How To Make Baby Cream For Diaper Rash, Zinc Oxide

Mix and stir two tablespoons of zinc oxide, two tablespoons of a triple antibiotic ointment, and two tablespoons of a yeast infection ointment. Mix it all together the ingredients until the paste is well-blended into a cream. Put the cream in an airtight container and the cream is ready to use.How To Make Baby Cream For Diaper Rash, Mineral Oil

Apply the cream on baby’s diaper area every diaper change time. Apply the cream as needed after you wash the baby bottom. To avoid any irritation you may soak baby bottom in lukewarm water for a while and then pat dry the skin using soft washcloth or air dry the skin. Apply the cream right after baby bottom dries and put on a new diaper. To help to heal the rash you may let baby go without diaper for a while or put on diaper in such a way so fresh air will circulate around the diaper. If the diaper rash does not improve though you have performed the treatment, you need to seek for doctor’s help. The rash may caused by another thing such as yeast infection that need medical treatment.

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