How To Make Diaper Rash Baby Balm

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Diaper rash baby balm is one of alternative to treat the diaper rash on baby. Baby commonly develops diaper rash due to variety of factors. Wet and dirty diaper that left for too long is the common cause of diaper rash. The diaper rash is occasionally treated with frequently changing the diaper as soon as it is wet or dirty, keeping the diaper area clean and dry and also applying cream or balm on the baby’s skin to protect the skin.

Diaper rash baby balm is available in many options, but you can also make it on your own if you think homemade suits you best. To makHow To Make Diaper Rash Baby Balm, Melt The Beeswaxe the balm for diaper rash you need to choose the balm recipe to determine the ingredients for your balm. The balm recipes for diaper rash are available on the internet which comes in numerous of options. Some of the simple recipse are including zinc oxide powder, coconut oil and bees wax. The other recipes are including Aquaphor cream, 3 oz. zinc oxide cream and 3 tsp. of Maalox liquid for a bad diaper rash. Some other just includes zinc oxide, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, lanolin, bentonite clay, Shea butter and essential oils as the ingredients to make baby diaper rash balm.How To Make Diaper Rash Baby Balm Ingredients Coconut Oil

To make diaper rash baby balm, make sure you have all you need with you. Measure the ingredients such as creams or ointment and mix it all together in a sterile bowl or a container. Beeswax is one of the ingredients that need to be melted at first, use double boiler to melt it and use low heat only. Follow the instruction carefully step by step. Occasionally you can add the liquid ingredients to the melted wax, and add the powdered ingredients in the last moment of making the balm. You can use your own hands or an electric mixer to make the balm. After finish making the balm do not forget to put it in a sterile container for longer use.

How To Make Diaper Rash Baby Balm, Put It Into Container

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