How To Soothe Baby Rash On Bum

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Baby rash on bum is highly associated with baby uses diaper. However, diaper rash might not the only reason your baby has rash on bum although it is very common. That is why identifying the causes of rash on bum is prominent.

Here are some of the causes of baby rash on bum and how to soothe them:Baby Rash On Bum Is Common

The most common of rash on baby bum is diaper rash. Irritated skin due diaper rash will always occur as long your baby uses diaper. The causes of diaper rash are varied including, yeast infection, moisture, sensitive skin or baby is introduced to new foods. Some baby might develop diaper rash since baby has sensitive skin. The skin might react to substances of the diaper such as fragrance or the moisture on the diaper. Baby with cloth diaper might develop diaper rash too since the usage of harsh detergent to wash the cloth diaper, cloth diaper soaked in fabric softener and or dryer sheet used with cloth diaper. To soothe baby rash on bum caused by diaper rash you need thoroughly cleaning the affected area and make sure the skin dries completely. You might need to apply a barrier cream such as zinc oxide cream. The normal diaper rash will last in few days; if the rash retains you need to seek doctor’s help.Soothing Baby Rash On Bum With Warm Bath

Second cause of rash on baby bum is diarrhea. Diarrhea might occur as baby bowel movement increase. The causes might due to milk if baby has not start solid food or particular of food if baby has started solid food and many others. To treat diarrhea for disposable diaper wearing or cloth diaper wearing baby you might apply the same method as treating diaper rash. To soothe the itchiness or to prevent the rash not get worse you may bathe baby in warm baths added with baking soda to reduce the acidity of diarrhea. Keep your baby from any food that she is might sensitive to and keep your baby hydrated. Go to doctor if the diarrhea gets worse and the rash retains.To Soothe Baby Rash On Bum

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