Identify Mild Or Severe Heat Rash On Baby

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Heat rash on baby belongs to one of common rashes found on baby. Baby is prone to develop heat rash because several contributing factors such as baby is not able to control the body temperature, baby tends to sweat since baby’s pore is smaller, and warmer environment because hot, humid weather in the summer or baby is wrapped in blankets or sweaters during winter. Typically, heat rash has two types of severity, mild one or severe one. Identifying weather baby has mild or severe heat rash may lead you to give the best treatment for your baby.Identify Mild Or Severe Heat Rash On Baby

The mild heat rash on baby may occur because the sweats are unable to evaporate as easy as usual since the pores are blocked. As the result, mild heat rash occurs which typically appears as mild rash that begins with redness and gives itchy sensation. This kind of mild rash is occasionally found on baby’s neck, back, or in the skin folds area such as armpits or elbow creases.Identify Mild Or Severe Heat Rash On Baby, Mild one

Mild heat rash may turn into a severe heat rash on baby and cause secondary problems such as skin infection if there is no treatment performed. Severe heat rash is typically described as hives or urticaria. The symptoms are there is inflammation or prickly sensation found on superficial parts of the skin, intense red bumps found on baby’s stomach, back, chest, groin, baby’s bottom fold of skin, etc. The bumps that release sweat can cause the skin itchy or burn.Identify Mild Or Severe Heat Rash On Baby, Severe One

Exhaustion may occur if baby has severe heat rash because the body needs to cool down. The severe heat rash may lead to heat strokes in several extreme cases if body cooling down mechanism is unable to cool down the body in a short time. Baby who is wrapped up to tight may develop the severe heat rash on entire baby’s body. They may unable to utter the conditions but they can scratch the skin and lead to skin infections.

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