Intermittent Rash In Baby Face

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Rash in baby face is commonly harmless. Baby might develop rash one or two on her face and it is normal. However, when you find an intermittent rash on baby’s face it, the rash is a sign of certain condition. How serious the rash, all depends on the symptoms that associated with the rash. As long as baby shows no worrisome symptoms or crankiness due to discomfort caused by the rash, you should not worry too much.Intermittent Rash In Baby Face, Eczema

Intermittent rash in baby face may appear as flat or raised rash. Several rashes appear as flat rash that has pattern that covering the affected area of the skin. The other types of flat rash may occur as spots or larger blotches that found along the skin. The rest may appear as patches. Raised rash on baby face is usually bumpy, pimply bumps with white head, flaky scales or larger welts. Raised rash might also appear as watery blisters or watery pustules. The others look like an evenly raised patch.Intermittent Rash In Baby Face, Psoriasis

The intermittent rash in baby face can occur as baby develops nonthreatening skin condition such as eczema. Eczema is a response of an immune system against allergen or common toxins and causes scaly, raised rash that commonly seen on face, neck, hands and feet. Psoriasis is also another manifestation of immune system response that cause thick red rash with white scales and pustules sometimes found on face. Although it is rarely found but rosacea may cause the rash on baby’s face. Rosacea is condition that causes blood vessels are easily dilating, a rash might occur as flat, red found on face.Intermittent Rash In Baby Face, rosacea

You may treat the rash by keeping the affected area clean and dry. You may clean the affected skin using oatmeal or gentle cleansers for baby with lukewarm water. Avoid rubbing the affected area, prefer to pat dry the skin. Itchy rash is sometime treated with prescribed hydrocortisone cream but your baby doctor may prescribe other treatments.

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