Kinds Of Cure For Diaper Rash For Babies

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Diaper rash might not fun for both mommy and baby, but there are kinds of cure for diaper rash for babies you may try. When your baby has a diaper rash, there will be red, nearly flat and sometimes puffy. In several cases, the rash might look scaly and there are waxy patches too. Diaper rash might occur in the condition when baby left too long with wet and dirty diaper, as an allergic reaction to diaper, a result of rubbing or chafing the diaper, bacterial or yeast infection strikes.

Let The Buttocks Air-Dried As A Cure For Diaper Rash For Babies

Cure for diaper rash for babies is generally straightforward. Anyone who will have contact with baby may start to wash hands before and after nappy changes. Do not left baby with wet and dirty diaper, change it as soon as it wet or dirty. If you want to clean the baby’s skin, use the plain water and a mild cleanser to get the poop off. Avoid to rubbing or wiping the skin, use soft washcloth to clean and dry the diaper area by patting on it. Although the usage of wipes is not recommended but if you need one, try the non-fragrance, non-alcohol and choose the mild ones. Use a clean soft washcloth instead or cotton wool ball. Let the diaper area completely dry or let it air-dried before you put a fresh new diaper. Let baby without diaper for about ten minutes after changing the diaper to dry out the skin and let the air circulates around the affected skin.

Let Baby Without Diaper For A While As A Cure For Diaper Rash For Babies

Another cure for diaper rash for babies is using products such as creams, ointments, and powder to get the skin heal faster. The products are intended to soothe the skin or as a protective barrier like petroleum jelly. Try to find the products with zinc oxide that listed on the ingredients too. If you choose powder try to avoid the contact of powder with the face area, the talc or cornstarch on it might cause breathing difficulties.

Cream As A Cure For Diaper Rash For Babies

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